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The Emily Dickinson Journal (ISSN 1059-6879) is published twice annually by The Johns Hopkins University Press, on behalf of the Emily Dickinson International Society. The Journal publishes essays on Dickinson and reviews of other publications about her, to showcase the poet at the center of current critical practices and perspectives.

The journal welcomes submissions on all aspects of Dickinson and her work.

Send electronic submissions to the Journal’s online system at To submit, visit the website and create an account. Once you have access to your account, you will upload your paper directly to the website.

Inquiries regarding submissions may be directed to:

Meet the Editorial Board

Subscription Information
Basic subscription rates are $50 annually for individuals, $30 for students, and $105 for institutions.
Membership includes both membership in the Emily Dickinson International Society and a subscription to the Emily Dickinson Bulletin.

For more detailed information about subscribing or to place an order, go to the membership page. You may also contact The Johns Hopkins University Press by telephone (800-548-1784) or email.

The Emily Dickinson Journal is also available online (E-ISSN 1096-838X) through Project Muse, beginning with the Fall 1998 (volume 7) number. For further information go the the Johns Hopkins University Press's Web site
A sample issue of The Emily Dickinson Journal is available here.