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Call for Papers

2022 Emily Dickinson International Society Conference - Seville, Spain

The EDIS Conference 2022 - “Dickinson and Foreignhood” was held in Sevilla in July! For program information, click here. Please join us and zoom to Seville!

Call for Papers

You can download a PDF version of the conference poster here.

The Emily Dickinson International Society invites proposals for papers and panels at its international conference “Dickinson and Foreignhood,” scheduled at the College of Philology, University of Seville, Spain, from Tuesday, July 12, to Thursday, July 14, 2022.

In “A South Wind – has a pathos” (c.1864), the poet refers to “much not understood – / The fairer – for the farness – / And for the foreignhood.” These lines represent the unknown as more beautiful when distant and unfamiliar, or foreign. The conference seeks to develop knowledge of how Dickinson understood the foreign, how she has been understood as foreign, and how foreign peoples have understood her.

The Program Committee welcomes all work on configurations of the foreign, broadly understood, in Dickinson’s writing, including:

  • Conceptions of the foreign (or what we might call otherness) in Dickinson’s culture and historical moment, including e.g., race, ethnicity, class, disability, gender, sexuality
  • Dickinson, geography, navigation, and foreign travel
  • Parts of Dickinson’s environment, culture, or identity that seemed foreign to her
  • Immigration, emigration, and exile
  • Dickinson’s reception abroad
  • Dickinson, foreign languages, and translation
  • Lyric alienation and the poetics of estrangement
  • Invasion, contagion, and infection as encounters with the foreign

All proposals engaging serious scholarship on Dickinson’s work will also be welcome. Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words, along with a brief biography of 100 words maximum, to Jefferey Simons (dickinsoninseville@dfing.uhu.es) and to Cristanne Miller (ccmiller@buffalo.edu) before November 1, 2021. Please specify if you plan to present virtually rather than in person. The conference Program Committee will respond to proposals by December 15, 2021.

For further information and to REGISTER, please see the conference Web site (https://edisforeignhoodconference.org/).

The Emily Dickinson International Society Scholarship Award 2022

EDIS is proud to announce an annual award recognizing distinguished publications on the work of Emily Dickinson for $1000. Our goal is to recognize, publicize, and encourage original research and outstanding achievement in Dickinson studies. We are happy to consider peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, essays in books, digital or multi-media projects. The work need not be devoted solely to Dickinson’s writing, but she should be a substantial focus. The award is open to scholars of any rank, but we will give preference to newer scholars in the field doing innovative work. Please send nominations (self-nominations are encouraged) to Ivy Schweitzer at Ivy.Schweitzer@Dartmouth.edu for work published in the 2021 calendar year for our consideration for the prize. Use the subject line “EDIS.scholarshipprize.lastname,” include an explanatory note, and attach a document of or link to the work to your email. Please ensure that you receive confirmation of receipt. Applications are due by July 15, 2022. The Awards Committee will review the proposals; applicants will be notified of final decisions by August 15, 2022.

2022 ALA Sessions

EDIS ALA Sessions (The Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, May 26-29, 2022)


Chair: Renée Bergland, Simmons University

1. “Boxing in Dickinson: The Bibliographic Codes of Price in the Roberts Brothers’ Editions of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry,” Nicole Salama, Loyola University Chicago

2. “Shared Rhythms: The Semiotics of “Paradise” in Dickinson’s Lyric,” Amy Chan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2023 MLA CFP

EDIS MLA panel 2023 – Emily Dickinson in Her Time and Ours

We are interested in lively proposals on any aspect of Dickinson’s historical or contemporary resonance. Send 250-word abstracts and a short bio by March 10 to Vivian R Pollak at vrpollak@wustl.edu.


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